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Our goal is to reduce your frustration on the job and increase your satisfaction with our work. From estimation to delivery, our team members have the experience to get the job done right.

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We Build It Better

  • At Component Manufacturing Company, we construct durable, high-quality wood roof trusses, floor systems, wall panels and more. But we don’t build them like every other truss company — we build them better.

    That’s because we’re focused on YOU. We complete the job on your terms, on your schedule and on your deadlines, not when it’s convenient for us. Our customer service makes us easy to work with, and we strive to get the job done accurately and ahead of schedule.

    We help your construction project run smoothly by analyzing your project individually to improve its structure and quality. We’ve invested in the tools, technology, software and an outstanding team, all to make sure that our components will save you time, money and labor on the job site.

    See how we build it better and please call us today.